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 A leading company in the field of employment abroad is looking for new partners!  


Dear Employer,

welcome to Unitemp recruiting company. Our main office is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. The company has been providing employment abroad over 3 last years. We offer our customers only the best conditions.


Today we cooperate with companies from the United States, Latvia and Turkey. Over 70% of our clients are arranged in the service sector, 15% are employed in construction and 15% in trade.


Working with us you will receive:


Our customers are the key to success.


By the way, our services make up 10% of the wages of the employed client. We are interested in long-term cooperation, so ready to offer the best conditions.


You can always reach us by email ([email protected]), Skype ( or by phone (+38093 428 47 47 or +38099 286 47 47).


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