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Student! Do you wanna earn 7000$ and travel all over America for one summer? Work & Travel is for you! Don’t miss out the chance!

What do you know about the program?

Work & Travel is:

  • the most popular program which allows a Ukrainian student to stay and work in the USA during summer holidays. Annually tens of thousands of students from our country join in the program.
  • the oldest and the most dependable exchange program for students. It has been working since 1957 and is controlled at the inter-state level between the USA and Ukraine. And that’s why your parents don’t have to worry about their child.
  • the coolest exchange program. Don’t you believe? Then check! However, get ready: taking part in it you will change your life forever and become a different person.


     Work and Travel USA

  • For some is WORK

For many students the financial issue is a key priority. For instance, they wonder if they can take back the cost of the program, make money and how much.

The program is structured in such way that doing one job you pay off the cost of participation by the middle of the second month. If your goal is to make as much money as possible, you need to work overtime or find one more job.

Thus, our students bring with them from 5 000 to 9 000$. It is possible and we will tell you how to do it in a very detailed way.


  • For some is Travel

For many money is not that important, though. For all world’s money you can’t buy fantastic emotions which you experience under Niagara Falls’ splashes or on the edge of Grand Canyon.

Many students save money during first three months and take a trip then to see the lights of Las Vegas and famous Statue of Liberty, walk along Times Square and take photos in Hollywood.

After such trip you will always have a feeling as if you lived the whole life during one summer.


What will you get along with money and traveling?

 Considering about the trip within Work & Travel keep in mind:

  • It is a unique chance to get to America easily because it’s much easier to get a visa within this program than any other visa to the US.
  • Visiting the US and coming back you will enhance your chances to run own business and get a tourist visa to the USA in further future.
  • You will learn real spoken English that can open the door of many big companies.
  • This experience will come in handy applying for any job.
  • You will become independent and responsible – it’s not a camp where a counselor guides you.
  • You will make relationships in America and take an advantage of it when going there again.
  • You will get to know with students like you from Belorussia, Moldova, Bulgaria and other countries and will keep in touch with them after the program.


Who can participate?

Any full time student aged 18-22 years old on their 1 – 3 year is able to participate in Work & Travel.

By the way, you can take part in the program twice or more if you still meet the requirements.


What kind of work?

WAT students get positions that do not require any special skills, preparation and physical activity. Mostly, it makes a hospitality sphere: a housekeeper, a waiter, a kitchen helper, an ice cream seller, a seller of souvenirs or tickets in an amusement park.

A pool lifeguard – the only vacancy that demands preparation. To work as a lifeguard, you have to do a special course in Ukraine or in America.

Students are paid 7-12$ per hour depending on the position and state. In the addition, a job with tips (e.g. waiter) implies less salary, but results in bigger profit at the end, than at job with salary 9-10$ per hour. To get a job as a waiter you need to have a good command of English, while it’s enough to have an intermediate level for other jobs.


Why Unitemp?

Addressing Unitemp company you need to know:

  • We have been working with Work & Travel program for 8 years and are safe to say that we know about the program absolutely everything.
  • All our managers took part in this program and will provide you with information you will not find out anywhere.
  • Our prices are affordable and the system of special offers is flexible.
  • All participants are given a free course of English.
  • We offer a wide range of vacancies for participants with different level of English.
  • In 2017 80 % of our students had their visa approved.
  • We work only with proven and time-tested sponsors.
  • We guide and support our participants up the very return to Ukraine and even afterwards.


How does it work?

The scheme of our interaction is the following:

  1. Free consultation in the office of our company or via Skype
  2. Registration in the program. An English level test and joining an appropriate group.
  3. Selection of vacancy and state. Preparation for the interview with an employer. Skype-interview.
  4. Preparation of the documents for applying for a visa. Workshops and trainings on passing the interview in Consulate.
  5. Personal interview with the US Consul and getting a visa.
  6. Preparation for the departure: buying tickets and briefing on staying in the US.
  7. A group departure, arrival, resettlement and a meeting with employers.


Still doubt? Read reviews, see photos and videos of our participants, get in touch with us by any convenient way and we will contact you with them.

Our key argument – more than thousand people who visited the US with a help of Unitemp company and more than once.

If you are ready for the best summer of your lifetime, leave a request below (complete the form below). Don’t miss the opportunity or you will regret forever…

  • Reviews

  • Albina Zozulya, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    “Many thanks to Unitemp Company, especially to the manager Anya, because we are in the US now within the Work and Travel program. They helped us not only in the formal (all the documents were ready on time) but also in a moral way (supported and believed in us during a visa processing), prepared for the Embassy, always in touch, respond to any issues raised and lavished with delicious tea in the office! Thank you very much for the work done, you are great. Pleased that we have chosen you!”

  • Oleksandra Kosatykh

    “I am in USA and all due to this company. They professionally helped with paperwork and easily going embassy. I’ve met the love of my life here, so I stayed and live happily here.”

  • Alexander Lapenko, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    “Hello everyone from America! I addressed to the Unitemp agency to become a member of the Work and Travel USA 2016 program. Hard work has been done, the agency has done everything at the highest level! Thanks to them I am sunbathing now and working in the pool, not far from Washington!”

  • Alina Hrebenniukova

    “I was in the USA. Of course there were some causes, but in general, I am content. Especially I liked New York! I fell in love with this city. The program pays back easily if you work regular, the second job I found in the middle of July, so you should just have a mind. And the most important, prepare before the embassy, there is nothing scary there, and then you will easily get the visa!”

  • Anastasiia Babeshko

    “I visited USA last summer and brought home million emotios! Job, parties, ocean and travels) It still holds me) I passed everything and got documents without problems. Considering fact that I submitted documents for the program at the end of the period, though everything went well))) Thank you guys for “familiar” offer to my favorite Virginia Beach and for help in accommodation searching. You helped very much) I wanna go to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Anastasyia Pohrebniak

    “Hi! I was in the USA this summer, DE state, Rehoboth Beach city, by Work&Travel program. To all, who want to go in USA on summer, I recommend this city – there are a lot of job offers here. I am so glad that I decided to go – I have got emotions and memories for all life, ‘cause I traveled a lot! It was Vegas, LA, San-Francisco, Grand Canyon, Niagara and other places. This is a country of liberty and adventures! And there are M&M with all possible tastes!!! Don’t be afraid, the company’s stuff will help you – from paperwork to tickets’ reservation so you could get necessary city. In total, with all questions) there are friendly atmosphere in the office and it’s always a pleasure to contact with employees. I want to say thanks to Unitemp for services.”

  • Hanna Levina

    “Guys, thank you so much. Thanks to you my dream has come true – I am going to go in America. Special thanks for fast and qualify work, you are the best! To all who want to change life in a best way and achieve the dreams I recommend use services of this company! You will be helped here on 100%, and friendly atmosphere will add positive attitude. One more time I am saying thank you!!! Just do it!”

  • Artem Chykalov, Work & Travel USA, 2015

    “Hello guys! I am writing from the US, in which I come due to lads and girls from Unitemp company. At the beginning I want to say that my review is not paid or the positive one, but just…truthful. Insides from cooperation with this company: 1. Friendly staff. 2. They are professionals. Firstly, everything was well done, secondly, loyally doing their work, even when client don’t manage to pay or make paperwork, for what is special thanks.3. Keep in touch after cooperation. 4. Loyal prices. I had visa denial previously, but I didn’t give up and pull lucky ticket. To those, who is reading this review and still has some doubts, you should go, thinking to chose Unitemp or not – you should choose them. I recommended this company to my friends, I recommend it to you also.”

  • Ekateryna Brovko

    “I was in USA in 2011 and I was woking as a seller of ice cream. I went there due to the best company and now I am working as animator in Turkey) Massive thank you to Unitemp company! If you desire to get a lot of emotions and see the world, use services of this company! The staff will always satisfy your request. Reliability, fun, unforgattable emotions – Unitemp company is guaranties to you. Thank you guys)”

  • Evhenyi Dmytryev

    “I visited USA by participation in Work and Travel program two times – in 2012 and in 2013 due to Unitemp company. It was successful both times, I negotiated my plain language, gained a lot of experience and nowadays I work in company where language knowledge is very valuable. I am thankful to staff of Unitemp company for making my dream come true and for possibility of realization myself.”

  • Yryna Vaskevych, Work & Travel USA, 2015

    “Hello to everyone! I applied to Unitemp company in Kharkov city and I will never regret. Because my cherished dream come true – trip to the US! I couldn’t even imagine that I will be caught in the USA and with my lovey. Massive thanks to Unitemp company for work, for help with paperwork, for living through process of interview in embassy with us! The stuff of this company is amazing! It was evident that they were doing everything they could, were helping with everything! Summer of 2015 was the best in my life. So: take risks, don’t be afraid, don’t be shy and realize your dreams with Unitemp company. I wanna add, that due to this company my dream has came true, and not only one)”

  • Roman Dereka

    “So, me and my friends went to USA by Work and Travel program. What can I say …It was unforgettably. For me this 3 months was not only a work + relaxation in USA, but also a kind of transit to the new page of my life. I had it all – and victories, and severities, and worries before embassy, and that amazing feeling of holding in your hands your first fairly earned 100 dollars (by the way, one of those dollars  from the first salary still carry in my pocket for luck), and full reconsideration of principles and habits. America taught us a lot, compel us to grow up and, thinking about myself before this trip – I understand that I’ve back absolutely different person. Due to company’s stuff I gotta the heart of the States – New-York! Special thanks for this. We’ve felt the American style of life in this city on 200%, we’ve met a lot of cool people, and most important, we’ve got priceless life experience in American’s metropolis and in communication with local people. But most important, this experience helped me to find the work I adore here, in Ukraine. So a huge thanks to Unitemp company for helping me with realization of my American dream) Good luck, guys, and personal advice to those, who’s still has some doubts – nothing ventured nothing gained. Don’t loose your chance to change your life.”

  • Rostyslav Stavenko

    “Hi everyone) I was a participant of the Work&Travel program in 2010. From the firs day I was working in club of mini-golf on the beach of the world’s longest seaside in Virginia Beach))) It was amazing. Great company, cool bosses and mega positive job all summer. The company’s stuff helped me during all my adventure, not only in Ukraine but also in the US, and even during my way home. They explained everything so well that I third that I know country better than residents))) They helped me with job searching, with visa, even with English improvement. Thanks guys) pull out of the computers and clubs youth! May them spend summer with profit. Such life experience change outlook on life, gives a massive energy boost))).”

  • Ruslana Troyetzkaya, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    “Unitemp team – people who know their business better than anyone else! Thank you for all your support in obtaining visas and all necessary documents processing. Much could be said but I will say one thing – thank you for a wonderful summer in the US!!!”

  • Serhii Dydenko

    “My situation. Once I was laying on my sofa and dying of anxiety, and suddenly the idea of leaving everything and go somewhere, just to change something. The program was found by itself…The Company’s stuff produced paperwork and prepared me for interview in the embassy. And then everything began…The most colorful days of my life has begun. To Rapid City (South Dakota) we’ve been getting for 4 days – 3 crazy lads – Kharkov – Kyiv – Frankfurt – New York and then for 2 days by bus around the whole country. We’ve been working in Radisson Hotel, and when we’ve got social security, almost all of us have found the second job, so those, who wanted to gain money – they did it. When I work of the program, which coasted me 2600$, brought home 1000$. Of course I’ve spend a lot of money in the USA, but, you know, you won’t see America in Ukraine – and it was worth that. When I come to know locals, we’ve been riding around the state with them: some bought cars, but we’ve rented the car for several days and  visited  all districts. Shopping is one of the hobbies: trying on, riding around the shops by mini cars, full bags, happy faces and photos gladdened us every week. At the end of the program some local recommended us cheap airline so me and my friend bought tickets and flew where…In  Vegas!!!  The feelings are incommunicable: hotels, casinos, shopping, show program, which are held on the streets every day, rollercoaster, attractions on Stratosphere and more) Time has passed, but label of this program is still helping me. People like those, who experienced these amazing feelings, who felted sweet taste of life, and those, who share emotions with everyone. The world is your oyster, good luck!”

  • Stas Sydorenko

    “Hi to everyone! So, I visited USA, moreover, for 2 times – in 2010 and 2011. In spite of the fact that I had my own offer, everything went well: guys prepared us very well, trained us with English. I visited Bayonne, NJ , worked in moving company, at the weekend traveled to NY – and it was cool. After my second trip I decided to move to US. It was hard at first, but as time was flying by I got used to the life there, found new friends and job, for today I live here happily for 2,5 years. Thanks guys!)))”

  • Valeryia Butylskaia

    “Guys, thank you very much for given opportunity to go to USA!)) Thank you for your work, help and worries!”

  • Valeria Nesteruk-Pritulyak, Work & Travel USA, 2015

    “Hello! I wanna say massive thanks to Unitemp company, which helped me to make my dream come true – to go to the USA. I participated in program Work&Travel in 2015. The stuff supported me during all steps of cooperation: from filling the form to interview in embassy(even in states I still had connection with them.) they found good job offer for me which gave me opportunity to work on 1 job and don’t think about founding the second one, because I offset my costs on program and even earn money. They also helped with accommodation, and was interesting in my life in USA. Unitemp – the team of professionals, they are fully competent in their job. You can trust them your dream to go abroad on 100%. I can without doubts recommend them to all my friends and acquaintance Thanks Unitemp!”

  • Yaroslava Borodyna

    “Participation in program Work and Travel changed my life totally. I opened USA for myself, saw a lot of new things, met wonderful people and gained priceless experience, which helps me nowadays.   When you are so far away from home, you reframe a lot, such as friendship and love, become more independent and start to understand, that you can afford a lot on your money – and that’s cool. When I returned in Ukraine I changed my boring job of financier for specialist in sphere of educational programs, probations and recruitment abroad. Improved language helps me in work and in everyday life, ‘cause I live in Riga nowadays, where you won’t survive without foreign language knowledge. If you are young, energetic and ambitioned – don’t loose your chance! Because participation in such programs can change your life!”

  • Yulian Vorotnikov

    “I have flown in the USA by visa, which I have received through this company’s good offices.  I am going to get green card soon thanks to them, again. Throughout the documents execution the staff show maximum support. My version of trip differ from those, that was described previously and has serious risks in denying of visa, nevertheless due to high professionalism of company’s staff  all things passed well. I can say only good words about your work and I hope that your company will be working as effectively as always and every your client will appreciate it. Thank you for your work!”

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