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Do you want to make good money?

Do you speak English well?

How about making 22000$ in the next 12 months and visiting up to 15 countries in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia? Then safely choose work on cruise ships!


Cruise tourism in a nutshell

Cruise ships are big floating cities with a whole package of amenities for entertainment and rest for rich and wealthy people. There is everything you can ask for: numerous bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, pools, golf courses, etc. One ship requires around 2000 people of staff, 80% of whom are bartenders and waiters.

Royal Caribbean is a leader of cruise tourism and our official partner. We offer you a job on board a vessel of the greatest American company.

What job can you hold?

Under the first contract you work as an assistant of a waiter or a bartender, earning 1200$ plus tips. Usually the contract is signed for 6-9 months. The second one gives you great prospects of income – you become a bartender or a waiter, and your salary rises up to 2400$ plus tips.


Particularities of work on a cruise ship

Let’s be honest, this job requires stamina, persistence and full commitment, so it’s worth it in terms of financial issues. Moreover, there are cool bonuses from the employer.

  • Working days and weekends are completely tied to the schedule of the whole vessel: while the liner en route its entire infrastructure must function smoothly. But when the ship is in the port, you can do whatever you want (of course, within the law of the stopping point). That is, for a bartender or a waiter on a cruise ship, this is quite normal: two weeks of work without days off, and you should be ready for it, but then 5 days of luxury rest in the Caribbean islands.
  • You will have not only formal registration but also other “bonuses” from the employer. Service personnel are provided with comfortable double cabins, as well as full board in the restaurant. If earlier such delicacies as lobsters and oysters were a great luxury for you, now these and other restaurant delights will become your daily diet.
  • In addition, you will receive valuable experience in the field of high-quality service and afterwards you will discover new job opportunities in any institution around the world.

Undoubtedly, this work is the best combination of advantage and pleasure that you have ever met!

Requirements and training

We can get you a job on a cruise ship, if you meet the following requirements:

  • age: 21-31 years old;
  • English: Intermediate and higher (a certain knowledge of Spanish or German will have the advantage on a job interview);
  • Good looks.

In addition, all candidates are to take special training:

  • Training for service personnel;
  • Preparation in safety on sea-going vessels and getting certifications;
  • Medical board;
  • Procession of maritime documents.

Don’t worry, all less scary than it. We a take a responsibility for all organization moments of your preparation, all you need to do is to closely follow our instructions.


Who is this offer for?


  • you are young and aren’t afraid of trying new things;
  • you have a good command of English but don’t know how to use it;
  • you are striving to make good money and ready to work hard at it;
  • you want to get unique experience and see a world;

this program is for you! Moreover, you will appreciate the advantages of this offer if you already have the experience of working abroad!

Why Unitemp?

To get a job on a cruise ship independently is impossible: world – class companies do not want to waste their time selecting each candidate. However, they collaborate with recruiting companies, which carry out all preparatory work.

What makes us different from other companies?

  • Work conditions

We collaborate with a leader of world cruise tourism – American company Royal Caribbean, and we suggest you formal employment with American working visa, the best work conditions and salary.

  • Quick employment

You don’t have to wait for an answer from other companies for a year – your preparation and processing supporting documents takes no more than two months.

  • Special cases

We work with those who were not employed with a help of other. Many companies promise work on a cruise ship, but in fact, the process for you only maritime documents. If you have gotten yourself into such situation, address our company – we will give you a hand in employment.

That’s up to you now. More than one person made sure it’s true. See for yourself!


How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is to contact us any convenient way: leave a request below or call. Then we act this way:

  1. You take a test of English;
  2. We study your situation: if you have some documents, we define if they are appropriate for an employer and what else need;
  3. While you are taking a preparatory training (via Skype), we are processing your documents;
  4. You pass an interview with an employer – after our trainings you will do it successfully!
  5. You get an working invitation and a visa;
  6. Everything is ready – there is only one thing left – to go on the most important trip of your lifetime!

As you can see, the main thing is to start! And it’s up to you!

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