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Driving a mustang, living in a mansion with a pool, buying whatever you want, and be confident and secure about your future – all this is real for those who went to the USA with a help of Unitemp.

Work in the USA for the Ukrainian people

The USA is a country full of opportunities, where dreams come true, and life is bustling with activity around the clock seven days a week. Here world corporations allocate their headquarters, legendary directors create masterpieces of world cinematography, global scientific breakthroughs are implemented and ordinary people make enough money to live their lives to the fullest, travel and buy clothes, which seem to be splendor to people from other countries.

In the United States you will have the opportunity to reach that standard of life you deserve. Unitemp will help you live your dream – live and work in one of the most developed states in the world.


What do we offer?

Hardworking people are truly appreciated in the USA. And it doesn’t mean that you need to possess some special knowledge or skills. The main thing is readiness to fulfil your obligations and reward will be forthcoming.

Having basic English you are able to work in a laundry or be a housekeeper in a hotel (room service), a kitchen helper in a restaurant, a constructor or a trucker. You can go to America with a dictionary, and in several months, you will speak freely with locals in English. With intermediate English you will be recruited as a waiter, a cashier or a sales person.

The salary for these vacancies is 8-15$ per hour, and it means that you will earn 2000$ per month on average. You do not have to worry about accommodation and food, and in a couple of months you may afford a car (for 1500-2000$ in the US it’s possible to buy a car, maybe not a new one, but in good condition).

It is right for you!

You will definitely like our offer if:

  • you think that the States is the best country in the world for a living (by the way, you are right!);
  • you want to make good money and you are ready to work hard at it;
  • you appreciate comfort, stability and wealth;
  • you are ready to change your life dramatically.

To America as a family!

Many are afraid of working abroad because you have to leave you nearest and dearest. Work in the USA from Unitemp allows you to go to the United States as a family. We will find an appropriate vacancy in the same city for you and your soulmate (also siblings, parents, etc).

Furthermore, having worked there some time, having embraced American culture and mindset, you can make a decision to immigrate to the United States. What to do with this serious issue – we will give you a heads-up.


Why Unitemp?

Many companies offer employment in the United States. What is the difference? We have been working in this sphere for 7 years and have a number of reliable partners in the territory of the US. For you it means:

  • A wide range of vacancies for candidates of different age and level of English;
  • Pre-arranged (before leaving Ukraine you be aware for certain) and guaranteed workplace on arrival;
  • Assistance in the search for accommodation and purchase of air tickets (in the territory of Ukraine);
  • At will, help in emigration issues (in the territory of the US).

And it’s not just saying, because our clients who enjoy benefits of all life in the US as the Americans right now can prove it. While others are thinking, they have all! Would you like to join them?

What to begin with?

Start with completing the form below: please, leave you contact and we will get hold of you to discuss the details of your situation.

Work in the US is waiting for you!

  • Reviews

  • Oleksandra Kosatykh

    “I am in USA and all due to this company. They professionally helped with paperwork and easily going embassy. I’ve met the love of my life here, so I stayed and live happily here.”

  • Aleksei Prokopev

    “Hello!!! I really want to leave a review about Unitemp company – the positive one. The stuff helped me with visa approving – and I have got it. Doubtless there were some apprehensions, ‘cause I collaborated with Unitemp for 3 days, but, as it happened, my dread was useless. People are responsive, open, interested, confident and positive, they gave me support during interview with vice consul. Thank you guys, you helped very much.”

  • Ivan Yevhrafov

    “We are gratefull to Unitemp company for given opportunity to go to the country of which we have been dreaming. Thanks to all stuff for friendly attitude, for trainig and provided services. Due to you we’ve got visa to USA))) Good luck and success to you!!!”

  • Marharyta Yevhrafova

    “I wanna express gratitude to the Unitemp company. This is very kind, friendly and responsive collective, which helped me and my husband to get to the country of our dreams – US. They have very well prepared us. I was working with them not for the first time and every our cooperation brings me 1000% pleasure. Thank you!”

  • Oksana Murasta

    “Hello to everyone! I want to share with you my emotions about Unitemp company. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience before I started cooperation with this company, that’s why I’ll say truthfully: I had a doubt of trusting to this company. But everything was great. A huge “Thank you” to Unitemp company, after all, they helped me with all documents for visa confirmation, and also they’ve prepared me for interview with vice-consul. Everything was good, I’ve got a visa. I’m so glad that there are exist people whom you can trust and you can be sure in their work. Thank you one more time.”

  • Stas Sydorenko

    “Hi to everyone! So, I visited USA, moreover, for 2 times – in 2010 and 2011. In spite of the fact that I had my own offer, everything went well: guys prepared us very well, trained us with English. I visited Bayonne, NJ , worked in moving company, at the weekend traveled to NY – and it was cool. After my second trip I decided to move to US. It was hard at first, but as time was flying by I got used to the life there, found new friends and job, for today I live here happily for 2,5 years. Thanks guys!)))”

  • Vyktor Kulykovskyi

    “Flew away in America, live in easy street, enjoy the views and culture. I am very thankful to the company for help! If anyone has a desire to build beautiful life – apply to them!!!”

  • Vladyslav Kozhukhar

    “Me and my wife have got the visa to USA today. I would like to express my gratitude to Unitemp company, and especially Ann, since they not only helped to do everything fast, but also for keeping in touch in not-working hours. Welcome, real professionals works here.”

  • Yulian Vorotnikov

    “I have flown in the USA by visa, which I have received through this company’s good offices.  I am going to get green card soon thanks to them, again. Throughout the documents execution the staff show maximum support. My version of trip differ from those, that was described previously and has serious risks in denying of visa, nevertheless due to high professionalism of company’s staff  all things passed well. I can say only good words about your work and I hope that your company will be working as effectively as always and every your client will appreciate it. Thank you for your work!”

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