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Are you young, smart and determined to arrange your life exactly as you want it?

Looking for anything really new and out of the ordinary?

Therefore, work in the modern Middle East is for you!

Just imagine: new country, new job, new life and new you…

Ask yourself:

If not now, then when?

Work in the Arab Emirates and Qatar

More than 10 countries traditionally belong to the Middle East, among which are most popular with tourists Turkey, Egypt and pilgrimage Israel. However, not everyone knows that are the two richest countries in the world Qatar and the Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

We invite you to work there. We suggest you changing your gray day-to-day life to a bright one among a multinational population, raise your salary to at least $ 800, get a unique life and professional experience – and, put simply, right now, change everything once and forever!


Who is this offer for?

Work in the Arab Emirates and Qatar is an ideal option if:

  • you are fed up with running around in circles and yearning for new emotions;
  • you are eager to see the world in all of its different ranges and learn more about other cultures;
  • you are sick of living paycheck to paycheck;
  • you have got a Big Dream but have no money for it;
  • and, of course, if your oriental culture is close to your heart and you would like to plunge your head deep into it, and probably stay there forever.

A wide range of vacancies

Perhaps now you are thinking: I am too young / old for this job; I do not have education / experience; I do not speak English / Arabic, and, in fact, who needs me?

Rest assured that they are groundless fears:

  • There are various vacancies for candidates aged from 20 to 40 in our base;
  • If have no relevant experience and you speak at least intermediate English, we will find a job as a waiter or a bartender for you;
  • A year of working in hospitality, beauty, sales spheres will provide you with a job as a hostess, a receptionist, an administrator, a manager assistant in a hotel or in a restaurant, massage therapist, a specialist of manicure and pedicure or makeup artist in a beauty salon, and a sales assistant in a boutique;
  • Extra-vacancies appear intermittently for specialists of other fields, e.g. cutter-tailor, pastry-chief.

So, no matter how old you are, what your job is now we will definitely find a vacancy for you!


Why work in UAE and Qatar?

It’s a jewel of the Modern East:

  • Vivid – The 80% of the popularity is foreigners, that’s why you will have the opportunity working and living alongside various culture representatives;
  • Prestigious – today working experience in the UAE and Qatar is comparable to experience in the most developed countries, e.g. the USA and the UK;
  • Advantageous – at the lowest cost you are free to count on salary – 1000$ without any tax;
  • Promising – a chance to build your career in such business giants like Hilton and Coca-Cola;
  • Reliable – Abu-Dhabi and Dubai are included into the rating list of the safest cities in the world;
  • Easy – all you need to have is a desire and some preparation we will do the magic!

Addressing Unitemp, you can count on the formal work at the best employers of the UAE and Qatar, since for our clients we created a unique training course, which includes English training and relevant vacancies, that guarantees getting the position, you are interested in.

Why right now?

Then you will have:

  • Husbands/wives/children/grandchildren;
  • A boring routine job;
  • An apartment/a house/a mortgage.

Then, you will be not up to that and will definitely regret about missed chance.


Why Unitemp?

If the decision is made, everything needs to be arranged, and there two ways:

Individual job search:

You will have to seek out a vacancy and an employer on your own (sooner after the arrival) and you will have to take his word that everything is going to be all right. Also, a visa (from1339$) and a flight (from 600$) you will have to pay for out of pocket. On arrival, searching for a job will take uncertain time, but during this period you will have to stay somewhere (from 650$ for a room per month) and eat (from 600$ per month). When the job is found, it may turn out to be informal and without medical insurance.

This way, it adds up to real money, no less than 3189$, and results in a complete uncertainty. However, there is an alternative solution.

Addressing Unitemp:

We take a responsibility for all matters:

  • Searching for vacancy and a reliable employer;
  • Preparing for a job interview and its arranging;
  • Processing documents including a visa;
  • Buying tickets.

On arrival, we guarantee:

  • Formal employment under contract;
  • medical insurance;
  • accommodation;
  • most employers provide employees with meals during work time.

All of this will cost maximum 400$ and at times absolutely free (extra-vacancies for specialization masters), along with it you get guaranteed employment with a bonus package.


If you still have any doubts, please, go to page “Reviews”.

What do you need to do now?

The main thing is to take the first step! Go for it!

Leave a request below and we will do the magic!

  • Reviews

  • Angelina Osypchuk, the United Arab Emirates, 2016

    “Hi everyone!) I want to share my experience of cooperation with UNITEMP. The guys do everything so fast, without any problems and odd questions. Special thanks to Asechka Zagorodnyuk – a great manager! I have succeeded, and I’ve been for 2 months in Dubai now, living and working. Conditions of accommodations are good; work is not stressful, summer and beauty all around, thousands of new people and acquaintances. Thanks to the company for fulfillment of desires!!! I RECOMMEND!!!”

  • Mykyta Volskyi

    “Hello to everyone! I would like to say thanks to Unitemp company for their help with job connection in UAE. I’m working more than one year and I haven’t regretted of my decision to start working abroad even for once. For now, I’m working, improving my English and making plans on moving on: on new vacancy with interesting job, sea and good salary. A massive thank you to Unitemp company for help! I recommend them to everyone!”

  • Oksana Rudenko, the United Arab Emirates, 2016

    “Hi everyone!)) can’t even imagine what my life would be like if two years ago, I didn’t come across your company, guys. Thank you very much for your help and support! My life had changed dramatically after we got acquainted. That is all I always wanted, but did not know how to do it. My experience in Turkey was unforgettable; this is a whirlpool of events, emotions and impressions. Honestly, I really miss animation and sometimes even here in Dubai, an animator awakes, it’s all Ladies Night. But we need to grow up and try ourselves, and I have never regretted that risked going to the UAE, which seems to be an absolutely foreign country. Special thanks to Karine, I am grateful to you for your support!!! Thanks to you, I believed in myself again and again. Thanks to Asya!!! Come and join us!”

  • Serhii Levchenko

    “Hi everyone!!! I have been cooperated with Unitemp for four years and almost become a part o the family. I was in Turkey 2 times and never regretted. And again Unitemp helped me to escape from everyday life – after finishing of their trainings and detailed preparations I have got a wanted vacancy of a waiter in the 5 star hotel in Dubai, UAE! A massive thank you, guys.”

  • Tatyana Litvinenko, Qatar, 2016

    “Yeeeeaah!))) Greetings from sunny Qatar! Karinka, thanks for being in touch all night) It all happened so fast that there was no time even for saying “bye” to friends) Thank you Unitemp) You are cool!!! Follow your dream, and Unitemp will help in taking the first steps!”

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