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Staff which your business requires!

Your company is a real mechanism driven by employees. Well coordinated work of the staff, its responsibility and interest in the work are the key to the successful development and good reputation of the company. Employer wants to trust his staff members, to be sure that the assigned tasks will be fulfilled on time. Independent search of employees can take additional time. With our help you can save your precious time and direct this resource on solution of other problems.

7 principles of successful recruitment from Unitemp!

Unitemp has been engaged in recruitment for seven years. During this time we employed more than 3000 job seekers, who were able to improve their financial situation and expand their horizons. Our services are used by employers of the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Nowadays we have reputation, grateful reviews and personal partnership principles.

7 rules of our activity:

  1. Multi-level system of candidate selections. A broad resume database will help you to select the most appropriate applicants. After the obligation – contract is signed we proceed to select candidates who meet the requirements of the employer to the greatest extent.
  2. Confirmation of qualification. Before the final interview with employer candidates pass several interviews, tests for knowledge of the specifics of activity and test in English (if necessary), and also the work experience is checked.
  3. Preparation of candidates. If an applicant does not meet all necessary requirements, special training is carried out. Safety trainings and familiarization with rules of conduct in the country of arrival are given.
  4. Efficiency. We quickly react on incoming inquiries, in case of force majeure circumstances we guarantee to provide the employee replacement.
  5. Validity. Our activity corresponds to international standards. The contracts are signed with each employer, a copy of which is submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine.
  6. Guarantee of protection of client’s rights. After your candidate’s confirmation, they are contracted in two languages (Ukrainian and language of the host country).
  7. Support. 24 hours, 7 days per week we support our clients online.

Strict adherence to each principle has enabled us to achieve today’s level, create an image of a reliable partner. For our customers, Unitemp is a synonym for new opportunities and prospects, for our partners – the synonym of quality recruiting.

Our work – your advantages.

Every employer wants to be sure of his/her subordinates. This problem has a simple solution. Contact us – and your company will receive the main resource of business development on a stipulated date – the staff working with maximum efficiency and following employer’s rules.

Unitemp is:

Positive reputation
Customer loyalty
Trust of employers from the USA, Europe and the Middle East
Hundreds of positive reviews
Stability and steady development.

Business is a puzzle which consists of many elements. It’s time to find the missing one – efficient staff. Entrust this task to Unitemp – the leader of international recruitment.