Does your company provide legal employment?

Sure! We function within a legal framework. We provide our customers with all necessary documents – visas, insurance certificates and so on before leaving.

Do you work with applicants from other areas?

We successfully employ not only Kharkiv citizens, but also residents of other regions of Ukraine. It’s enough to pass an interview on Skype/Viber or on the phone, because the place of residence does not matter.

Do you guarantee job for a jobseeker?

We cannot guarantee the employment of all candidates without exception. Any guarantee made by the recruiter is a fraud, since the employer has the final word.

But do not get upset! Our experience shows that candidates with good input are always successfully interviewed. So, your qualifications, level of language skills and other qualities that can make a good impression, significantly increase the chances of finding a job.

How often do you recruit staff? Does the season affect the number of vacancies?

It depends on the vacancy and the sphere of employment. In some fields, there is a year-round need for workers; therefore, we are looking for personnel all the time. Other employers provide seasonal work. Therefore, we advise you to clarify the vacancies that you are interested in on the website or with manager.

Are there specific requirements for candidates?

Certainly. Each job has a certain specification, which determines the set of professional skills and personal characteristics of the employee.

 Knowledge of English:

For the WAT program and employment in the US not for students, it is desirable to speak English. In Latvia and Poland, English is not necessary. To work in the UAE, Qatar and on cruise liners, it is very important to be proficient in English at an intermediate level and higher, to communicate with colleagues, management and clients.

Presentable appearance:

It is important to look presentable, especially for vacancies that involve constant contact with people. But in other cases, a neat appearance and ability to behave in a friendly and polite manner with others will be a serious advantage.

 Work experience:

Always welcome. In some cases, you can do without it: for example, a high level of English guarantees a good job, as employers prefer to hire those who can be taught in the process.

What can I do without experience?

Our managers will help those who are undecided with a vacancy. They will choose the best options based on skills and the desired payment. For employment without experience, you should also contact them.

How much does the service cost?

The final cost depends on the conditions of the selected program. Therefore, to learn it, you should complete the form on the website or ask our specialist expert.



 When can I go to the United States?

The date of departure is directly related to getting a visa.

How much time do I have for registration?

To participate in Work and Travel, you need to register before the end of February. You should realize that the closer the deadline for registration is, the fewer vacancies left. Therefore, to choose the ideal variant will be much more difficult. In addition, less time is left to pay for services.

Where do students live in the US?

In the vast majority of cases, employers provide accommodation. They deduct a small amount of money from the salary, but relieve you of many difficulties. Sometimes the employer helps to find and rent housing.

You can find something yourself. But, in this case it is necessary to inform the visa officer at the interview that the issue of accommodation in the US is solved.

 How many times can I participate in Work and Travel?

As many as you want! As long as the candidate meets the requirements, the opportunity to do so still exists.

Can I take part in WAT with bad English?

It depends on what exactly is meant by this. Knowledge of the language at the conversational level is desirable, because it guarantees communication in the workplace. But there are special free trainings that allow you to improve the level to the required one.

Can I stay in the US after Work and Travel?

Under no circumstances. All participants are obliged to return to Ukraine after completing the program.

But there is a non-zero probability of returning to the United States for permanent residence for other reasons. For example, during the program you will meet your love and make a decision to get married. However, even then you have to return to Ukraine to process the documents first.

What is SEVIS and how can it help me?

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is an interactive system with which you can track exchange students (J visa). Registration costs $35.

What are the conditions for participation in WAT?

To take the opportunity of traveling to the United States can full-time students aged 18-24   on their 1-6 years of university. However, students should keep in mind that being on 4th, 5th and 6th year of university makes it harder to get a visa.

Can post-graduate students participate in Work&Travel?

Unfortunately no.

What about the Internet in the US, can I contact my relatives?

Of course! There is the network connection even in small towns. There is no any problem. Without any difficulties, you can find a free Wi-Fi or library with computers connected to the Internet.

What vacancies can I expect?

In the service sector: bartenders, waiters, sellers, housekeepers and even lifeguards. It depends on the level of English and the selected state. It must be kept in mind that the better the applicant speaks English, the more opportunities he has.

What are student exchange programs?

The first programs of this kind appeared in the late 1950s to give students the opportunity to see the world and broaden their horizons. Later the programs were improved, allowing participants to work to pay for training or traveling in their spare time.

Do you support students during the trip?

Yes, our company is focused on long-term cooperation; therefore, we support to all our clients abroad.

Will the participation in WAT pay off?

Certainly! You will be able to pay all expenses approximately in a month and a half, and you can use the rest of your earnings at your own discretion.

Can I go with a friend to one company?

It depends on the conditions of the selected vacancy. Usually, employers do not mind.

Why are Americans interested in students from Ukraine?

At the governmental level, such projects are created to improve relations between countries.

Specific employers accept foreign students for the following reasons:

  • the reputation of reliable, conscientious workers who are able to quickly learn;
  • holidays coincide with the tourist season;
  • foreigners always bring with them a certain color. Usually, it becomes a “thing” of an institution.

Is it legal to participate in WAT?

Absolutely. Those who go to the US get a J-1 visa and are assigned a social security number, which guarantees the right to work.

How long can you stay in the United States?

Up to four months.

Who issues a visa?

We prepare all necessary documents for registration. The participants receive a visa themselves after the interview with the Consul.

What is the Social Security Number (SSN)?

A social security number, something like our identification code. With its help, taxes are charged.

Can I get an extra job?

Yes, of course, but on condition that it does not affect the performance of duties in your first job.

What is a Monthly Report?

Monthly Report is a report, which is completed by Work and Travel participants every month. It should be delivered on time, otherwise participation in the program will be suspended.

Can I change my employer?

Upon your own will – no, because you are bound by the obligations of the sponsoring organization. However, if the employer does not fulfill the terms of the contract, you can change the place of work by notifying the sponsoring organization.

What is work schedule?

Usually, 40 hours a week.

Payment – on average from $ 7.50 to $ 10, payment for working overtime is expected to be increase 1.5 times.

Overtime means every hour over 40 hours a week.

Can I come to the US before work begins?

Yes, if your visa is already open.

Can the participants rent a car?

Yes, if you have a driving license. In some cases, you will have to pay more if you are not 21 years old. But it depends on the conditions of the state and the policy of a certain company.

Will I have medical insurance?

Yes, you get insurance for $ 100,000.

In the event of injury in the workplace, the costs of treatment are paid by the employer.

What kind of medicine can I take with me?

Necessary medicine that does not contain prohibited substances (for example, from asthma or diseases of the cardiovascular system), provided that they are properly packaged and have names on them.

Is it possible to prolong a visa?

No, it is issued for a maximum period of 4 months. And the terms of returning home for WAT participants are established by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Can I travel outside the US?

Yes, but first you will have to obtain the necessary documents and permits.

Will I pay taxes?

Yes, local, federal and state taxes are to be deducted from your salary. Their size varies, so it should be clarified on the spot. But it is worth considering that the participants of the program have the right to have most of their taxes returned after completing participation in the program.

Can I go to the US after graduation?

Certainly. This opportunity exists with the participation in the program “US Visa” or “Work in the United States.”



Can I get a job in the US on a Ukrainian diploma?

Diploma of the Ukrainian sample does not allow you to work in the USA according to the specialty in it. The right to start a professional activity provides a successful passing of the procedure of confirmation of qualification. Initially, the applicant can take a position that does not require a clear specialization.

What level of English do you need?

Employment in the territory of America does not oblige you to speak English fluently. The reason is simple: on arrival you are surrounded by an English-speaking environment. Knowledge will increase fast enough, replenish the vocabulary, improve your speaking skills.

Does Unitemp help to find work and housing in the US?

The manager assists clients in finding vacancies and housing. You choose the employer just before flying to America.

What kind of salary can I expect?

The average salary is 9 $ -10 $ / hour, the maximum rate can reach 25 $ / hour. The amount depends on the vacancy, the state of employment.

What vacancies are available?

The program offers the positions that do not require specialization.

 What determines the probability of obtaining a visa?

There are many factors that determine the probability of getting a visa. Our company makes maximum effort to increase the candidate’s chances of successful, prompt completion of this process.

How long does it take to process the necessary documents?

Preparation of official papers takes 1-1.5 months.



What is an average salary in hospitality sphere for the UAE and Qatar?

Usually, from 500$ to 1000$.

How to start employment in the Emirates or Qatar?

We advise you to consult with us first.

What is a registration fee (100$) and why is it necessary?

100$ is a prepayment, guaranteeing that the applicant has made a measured decision. After making this payment, our company starts matching your requirements and job qualifications. If the contract is not signed within six months from the moment of making the first part of the program payment, the prepayment is returned.

How is the interview going?

You will be interviewed by Skype.

What questions are asked?

We cannot say for certain, because each interview is unique. However, there are some common questions that are usually asked.

  • Where are you from?
  • Why did you decide to work in the UAE / Qatar?
  • Have you ever been abroad?

And also questions about you and your experience.

What is the duration of the contract?

From one to three years, depending on the place.

What are the conditions for entry into the country?

To work in the Emirates or Qatar you need to have an Employment Visa.

What happens if I terminate the contract by working in the UAE / Qatar?

Unforeseen circumstances and the need to urgently return to Ukraine are non-standard situations are need to be reported to the employer. He can dismiss the employee, excluding the payment of penalties (usually a penalty is 1 month’s salary). The involuntary return to Ukraine without warning of the party providing employment leads to a ban on entry into the country for a period of 6-24 months.



What is work schedule?

Working day lasts 12 hours and days off are flexible.

What are maritime documents?

This is a compulsory package of documents, including the seaman’s passport, which every employee holding a position on the ship must have. Our company handles the registration.

What is the level of English I need?

Upper Intermediate is considered to be passing. Speaking practice, good  speaking skills will be of great help to the applicant. Knowledge of other European languages is always welcome and will be your advantage.

When do I pass an interview with the employer?

Upon completion of processing of all papers, the interview date is appointed.

What is the salary on cruise liners?

The operating staff of the liner receives from $ 1200 + tip.

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract is for a period of 6 months.



I have a Polish visa, is it suitable for work in Latvia?

No. For legal employment, you need to get a Latvian work visa.

Do you help to apply for a visa?

Yes, Unitemp helps their clients with processing of all official papers.

What documents should I provide you with?

International and civil passport, diploma of education, identification code, 2 references and insurance.

What kind of experience do you need to have to get a job?

Two years +

What vacancies are in Latvia?

Builders and auto mechanics.

What is the work schedule?

10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Charge by the hour.

What are the specification of the probation period?

It is paid and lasts1 month.

Who pays for accommodation?

Housing is provided by the employer.

How much will I earn in Latvia?

The income directly depends on the number of working hours. Usually, it is about 1000 Euro per month.

How much time can I spend in the country?

Employment is carried out within 3 months. Experts who have proven themselves can apply for extending a visa.



How long can I stay there?

The minimum term of the contract is 3 months, which corresponds to the seasonal request of employers to the agricultural sector.

Can I stay in Poland longer than six months?

Yes, but after the end of the six-month contract, you will have to return to Ukraine for a while to get a 12 month working invitation.

Can I bring my family along?

Each situation is individual and, if it is necessary, we also prepare a working invitation for your spouse.

Will I be able to get promoted over time and earn more?

Yes. Firstly, the more time you have worked with one employer, the faster and better you work, the more he appreciates you and, as a consequence, increases your pay. Secondly, you get into the language environment and gradually master the Polish language, and this also contributes to your career advancement.

Where will I live?

The employer provides housing. Generally, it is an apartment or a house where workers live, as is customary in dormitories – 2-3 people in a room.

Do Polish infringe on Ukrainians?

This is a popular misconception. The Ukrainians stay officially there and have the same rights as the indigenous people. If you know the Polish language, the salary of a Ukrainian person is comparable to salary of Polish. This is an objective reality and it is not necessary to blame the Polish for bias.



In which states can the program go?

Unitemp offers training in New York, Los Angeles, Boston.

What is the cost of the course?

The price is formed depending on the state and the length of the training. The amount of payment varies from $ 140 to $ 300 per week.

Is the accommodation included?

No, housing is paid separately. The price depends on the conditions.

Where will I live?

You will live with an American family, where the price can include breakfast or a full meal.

Do I need any knowledge of English?

For passing the language courses in the US, it is recommended to have basic skills for comfortable staying in the English-speaking environment.

Where exactly do the classes take place?

Course is held in specialized language schools.

How long does the program last?

The minimum period of study is a week, the duration is chosen by the applicant.

What documents are necessary?

Unitemp take a responsibility for processing the papers. The participant of the program is required to have a civil passport and an international passport.

What make your courses different from others?

The main advantage is modern techniques and materials that have proven its efficiency. Students are not limited with a classroom. The project involves interesting excursions, a variety of activities and embracing the country’s culture.