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“We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one”. ©Tom Hiddleston

Welcome to Unitemp site!

We are  an international recruiting company Unitemp – we have been helping to find work abroad for Ukrainian people for 7 years , for those who are willing to  earn. Our organization, which was established in 2009, has become one of the  recruitment leaders in Ukraine. Up to current time , thanks to our operation,  more than 3000 Ukrainians have found job in the USA, the UAE, Turkey, Latvia and  in other economically-developed countries of the world.


CEO of Unitemp , Maksym Lobodiuk
“Our customers are people, who enjoy the life, striving for a better  future for themselves and for  their loved ones. Those, who are determined to work hard , to live not only comfortably, but better than many other. We realize  how important it is to feel professional support when you are far from home. Therefore, even after employment and contracting with  the employer we are sill responsible for our clients and ready to assist  them, to provide with detailed  answers to all questions at any time”.


CEO of  Unitemp, Stanyslav Berezanskyi
“Our main asset is more than 7 years of successful work for employment of Ukrainians in foreign enterprises. We are proud of our youth and rapid growth, constant responsible work. Not every recruting  agency can provide 100% fufilment of the obligations given to the client. But we are not afraid  to provide with such guarantees!
Last year for us is very good year: we were recognized as one of  the best recruiting companies in Ukraine, which means that we are trusted . I consider  trust to be the most important condition for successful cooperation, it is simply impossible to work without it. Based on this criterion, we form a strategy for the development of our company and it gives its results, and very considerable.
I hope that after getting to know us you will  understand that Unitemp is not just a  recruiting company, that provides  employment services to Ukrainins abroad, but team of experienced specialists, who know their business and do their best to help people to change their life for better”.


Good job – good future!


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