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Special offers for you:

Special offers for you:

Special offers for you:

Multi-visa (business-tourism) for 10 years

Allows residents from Ukraine to visit the territory of America with the purpose of solving business issues or tourism.


  • The proper completion of the DS-160 form (with your package of documents)
  • Unitemp-expert package (creating a win-win story on a turn-key basis)

price from 99$

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Universal visa for a long period, with an unlimited number of entries.

Cultural Exchange Visa

A visa for participants of the Work and Travel program, which enables an Ukrainian student to work and travel in the United States from May to September.


  • Full support of the participant of the program

price from 1170$

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Work Visa

Allows you to stay and work in the United States officially during the specified period of your visa. Applying for a specific employer.


  • Full support

price from 700$

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Study Visa

Allows students from Ukraine to study in accredited educational institutions and issued for the period of your study in the US.


  • Full support

price from 300$

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  • Work in the USA
  • Work in Latvia
  • Cruise liners
  • Work in the UAE/Qatar

Special offers for you:

Special offers for you:

Special offers for you:


Workplace: New York and Panama City (United States) Salary: 2000$ Requirements: male/female, age: 25-40 years old, English, work experience: desirable

salary from 2000$

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Allows 23-45 year-old people with reasonable English to go to work in the US for a period up to 6 months, With the possibility to change the status.

Employment price from 700$

Work in Latvia, building sphere

Allows Ukrainian builders with experience in the profession to earn from 800 euros / month.

salary from 300$

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Cement mason

Workplace: Latvia Salary: € 820 Requirements: male, age: 22-50 years old, reading blueprints, construction education, work experience 3 years

salary from 1000$

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Workplace: Latvia Salary: 765-euro rate + production Requirements: Male, Age: 23-45 years old, work experience

salary from 1000$

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Specialist in interior decoration

Workplace: Latvia Salary: 765 euro rate + production Requirements: Male, Age: 23-45 years old, work experience

salary from 1000$

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Employment price from 300€
Employment price from 1000$


Workplace: Four Seasons Dubai Hotel, Dubai (UAE) Salary: 690$+service charge+tips. Requirements: male and female, age 20-30 years old, English, work experience

salary from 900$

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Workplace: Dubai C House restaurant, Dubai (UAE) Salary: 500$+tips+service charge Requirements: male/female, age: 20-32 years old, English, work experience

salary from 750$

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Workplace: Nightclub of the Best Western Plus Hotel Doha (Doha, Qatar) Salary: 600$ + tips + service charge Requirements: female, age 20-30 years old, English, work experience

salary from 1000$

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Employment price from 400$
  • Work and Travel USA
  • Work and Travel Poland

Special offers for you:

Special offers for you:


Allows Ukrainian students to live and work in the US during the summer holidays (from May to September).

  • 1.Access to a wide range of vacancies and assistance in choice making
  • 2.Organization of an interview with the employer for the selected vacancies
  • 3.Preparation of a package of documents for submission to the Embassy and entry to the Consul
  • 4.Preparatory workshops and trainings for J1 visa interviewing
  • 5.Ticket Order and Arrangement of Group Departures
  • 6.Information support during your stay in the USA
  • 7.Assistance in processing tax refunds

price from 1170$

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The most popular and most reliable exchange program for students, which will provide you with the best summer of your lifetime. Allows the student to earn $ 7,000 within the summer and Travel around the USA.


The ideal option to gain first experience abroad:

  • 1.Reasonable vacations - spend the summer in a European country and make money
  • 2.Clear and easily - minimum requirements and ease of registration
  • 3.Availability is the most inexpensive program with earning opportunities for students

price from 200$

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Turnkey work individually

Fair price

99% of obtaining a visa with full compliance with the criteria of the US Consulate

Mandatory training and pre-departure trainings

100% employment

Specialized English course for work

High expertise (checked by myself)

Net reputation

Reliable partners (top hotel chains, restaurants, etc.)


  • 52 projects
  • 3 128 clients
  • 625 visas
  • 113 seminars
  • 5 countries
  • 7 years
  • Vladislav Brovko, USA visa, 2016

    "I would like to express my gratitude to Unitemp that helped me to obtain a B1/B2 visa to the United States. The guys in the company provide full information and…
    Vladislav Brovko

  • Rodion Lihovid, Sweden, 2016

    "Greetings from Sweden or Hej :) I want to express my gratitude to Unitemp Company for assistance in getting a job as an auto mechanic in Sweden! I’m really pleased…
    Rodion Lihovid

  • Dima Solovey, USA visa, 2016

    "My wife and I were so lucky to visit the States while being just students, as participants of the Work & Travel program. When we came back to Ukraine, we…
    Dima Solovey

  • Larisa Sergienko, USA visa, 2016

    "Good afternoon! I’d like to thank the guys from Unitemp for assistance in obtaining the US visa. In my case, the time was a priority. Thanks to guys, everything was…
    Larisa Sergienko

  • Oksana Rudenko, the United Arab Emirates, 2016

    "Hi everyone!)) can’t even imagine what my life would be like if two years ago, I didn’t come across your company, guys. Thank you very much for your help and…
    Oksana Rudenko

  • Ekaterina Netric , USA visa, 2016

    "I want to thank Unitemp Company and especially Eugenia Will for assistance in the preparation of a B1/B2 visa! Well done guys, you are reliable. Good job! They adequately explain…
    Ekaterina Netric

  • Angelina Osypchuk, the United Arab Emirates, 2016

    "Hi everyone!) I want to share my experience of cooperation with UNITEMP. The guys do everything so fast, without any problems and odd questions. Special thanks to Asechka Zagorodnyuk -…
    Angelina Osypchuk

  • Artyom Bondar, Latvia, 2015-2016

    "Hello! I went to work in Latvia for ProDev company from the Unitemp, I worked for a year, working conditions and accommodation were quite satisfying!!! Construction, actually, is not an…
    Artyom Bondar

  • Ekaterina Solovey, USA visa, 2016

    "Thanks to Unitemp Company, my husband and I became lucky owners of B1/B2 visas! I hasten to say that 2 years ago, we were in the US within the Work…
    Ekaterina Solovey

  • Igor Maksimenko, USA visa, 2016

    "Hi everyone! I want to thank Unitemp company for their assistance and help in obtaining B1/B2 visa. This week I was interviewed and yesterday has got the passport with visa)…
    Igor Maksimenko

  • Artyom Dmitrenko, USA visa, 2016

    "Hi there! Have just received a B1/B2 visa, thanks to Unitemp company) All services were provided at the highest level). The employees of the company are professionals. I want to…
    Artyom Dmitrenko

  • Anna Zmaga, animator in Turkey, 2016

    "Hello from Turkey:) I am in Hotel Kaya Palazzo, in Belek now, as a sports animator. Great hotel, cool job. Thanks to the guys from Unitemp for such a good…
    Anna Zmaga

  • Ruslana Troyetzkaya, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    "Unitemp team - people who know their business better than anyone else! Thank you for all your support in obtaining visas and all necessary documents processing. Much could be said…
    Ruslana Troyetzkaya

  • Alina Mihteeva, USA visa, 2016

    "Good afternoon everyone who wants to use the services of the company. To begin with, the used to use the services of different recruiting companies. In Zaporozhye there is an…
    Alina Mihteeva

  • Albina Zozulya, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    "Many thanks to Unitemp Company, especially to the manager Anya, because we are in the US now within the Work and Travel program. They helped us not only in the…
    Albina Zozulya

  • Igor Brik, Sweden, 2016

    "Hi there, recently, with the help of Unitemp Company, I got a job as an auto mechanic in Sweden. This is an amazing country with a great potential. I would…
    Igor Brik

  • Vera Naumova, USA visa, 2016

    “Today I have received a V1V2 visa to the US for 10 years. On cloud nine!!! So I want to thank the guys from Unitemp for their work ... and…
    Vera Naumova

  • Alexander Lapenko, Work & Travel USA, 2016

    “Hello everyone from America! I addressed to the Unitemp agency to become a member of the Work and Travel USA 2016 program. Hard work has been done, the agency has…
    Alexander Lapenko

  • Victor Sarayin, animator in Turkey, 2016

    "Thanks to Unitemp Company I went to work as an animator in Turkey this year. Hotel Gloria hotels & resorts – a gorgeous place and excellent working conditions. But most…
    Victor Sarayin

  • Tatyana Litvinenko, Qatar, 2016

    "Yeeeeaah!))) Greetings from sunny Qatar! Karinka, thanks for being in touch all night) It all happened so fast that there was no time even for saying "bye" to friends) Thank…
    Tatyana Litvinenko

  • Vladyslav Kozhukhar

    "Me and my wife have got the visa to USA today. I would like to express my gratitude to Unitemp company, and especially Ann, since they not only helped to do…
    Vladyslav Kozhukhar

  • Oleksanda Nerez

    "Hi from Turkey!!! Presently I’m working as animator in luxury 5 star hotel SUSESI in Antalya. Want to express my gratitude to Unitemp company for help with getting this job. I…
    Oleksanda Nerez

  • Olha Chernova

    "This summer I was working with kids in mini-club of 5 star Turkey hotel. I’ve gained a good life experience, lived fancy and funny. Sun, sea, beach and life is…
    Olha Chernova

  • Yuliia Kulyk

    "Time was running out. I did not notice how fast flew by 8 mounths of each day work. Of cours,   I can remeber a lot of funny situations or fails…
    Yuliia Kulyk

  • Oleksandr Onopriienko

    "Hello to everyone. I was working as animator in Turkey. Everything was cool, I liked my job very much. Massive thanks to Unitemp company. It was, probably, the best summer…
    Oleksandr Onopriienko

  • Oksana Rudenko

    "Want toexpress my gratitude to Unitemp company for given opportunity to work in Turkey) It is always scary to change something in life, an especially as radically, as working in foreign…
    Oksana Rudenko

  • Ekateryna Brovko

    "I was in USA in 2011 and I was woking as a seller of ice cream. I went there due to the best company and now I am working as…
    Ekateryna Brovko

  • Yulian Vorotnikov

    "I have flown in the USA by visa, which I have received through this company's good offices.  I am going to get green card soon thanks to them, again. Throughout the…
    Yulian Vorotnikov

  • Mariia Pavlenko

    "Get to the open seminar from Unitemp on a topic of job placement abroad by accident this summer. I wasn’t seriously about this before. At the end of the event…
    Mariia Pavlenko

  • Alina Hrebenniukova

    "I was in the USA. Of course there were some causes, but in general, I am content. Especially I liked New York! I fell in love with this city. The…
    Alina Hrebenniukova

  • Hanna Levina

    "Guys, thank you so much. Thanks to you my dream has come true – I am going to go in America. Special thanks for fast and qualify work, you are…
    Hanna Levina

  • Evhen Maliutin

    "Unitemp company was recommended by my friend to me, who have been visited USA due to their services. I was very pleased by professionalism, outgoingness, politeness and work quality of…
    Evhen Maliutin

  • Anastasiia Babeshko

    "I visited USA last summer and brought home million emotios! Job, parties, ocean and travels) It still holds me) I passed everything and got documents without problems. Considering fact that…
    Anastasiia Babeshko

  • Anastasiia Krashchenko

    "I visited Turkey (Belek). Worked in one of top hotels as an animator in mini club. Terms, which was provided by company was better than I could imagine. Everything was…
    Anastasiia Krashchenko

  • Vladyslav Andrsh

    "Hello to everyone) I was working as a sport animator – super, wonderful, tons of emotions and feelings. I have had a lot of fun and spend my time usefully,…
    Vladyslav Andrsh

  • Kristina Svetlychnaya

    «I went to Turkey as animator) So, I want to say the next: in general, I satisfied with everything, I feel blessed with world famous hotel) Rixos Sungate in Beldibi (Kemer).…
    Kristina Svetlychnaya

  • Islyam Useinov

    «Hello everybody! I have got visa to the USA on 10 years due to Unitemp company today, qualified work was done, for that I’m very thankful! A lot of things…
    Islyam Useinov

  • Yuliia Koptiukh

    "Worked as an animator in Turkey. The team of company is great, everyone is very responsible. They undertook the process of paperwork, escorted to the plane and, matter-of-course, supported me…
    Yuliia Koptiukh

  • Alina Hloba

    "Guys, thank you very much, you gave me the best summer of my life. Turkey, Spice hotel, enjoyment team 2014!"
    Alina Hloba

  • Mariia Hulenko

    "Hi from sunny Turkey))) The best summer in my life! Thanks for sending me here) Luxury hotel, the best team, a lot of positive feelings!!! Eager to write more, but…
    Mariia Hulenko

  • Oksana Murasta

    "Hello to everyone! I want to share with you my emotions about Unitemp company. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience before I started cooperation with this company, that’s why I’ll…
    Oksana Murasta

  • Roman Dereka

    "So, me and my friends went to USA by Work and Travel program. What can I say …It was unforgettably. For me this 3 months was not only a work…
    Roman Dereka

  • Maryna Kononenko

    "I worked as a sport animator in the best hotel ever – Gloria – this year. I liked the work, I’ve got a lot of friends, in hotel lived polite…
    Maryna Kononenko

  • Olena Dynysiuk

    "Visitd Turkey this summer) I want to say that I’m very content by work facilities! Good accommodation, food, good hotel and the azure coast of sunny Turkey))) Work and  rest…
    Olena Dynysiuk

  • Khrystyna Nekrylova

    "Hi to everyone) I worked as a kid animator in Turkey this summer. Attitude and conditions are great, work is very active and funny. Cooperation with Unitemp company gave me…
    Khrystyna Nekrylova

  • Ivan Yevhrafov

    "We are gratefull to Unitemp company for given opportunity to go to the country of which we have been dreaming. Thanks to all stuff for friendly attitude, for trainig and…
    Ivan Yevhrafov

  • Marharyta Yevhrafova

    "I wanna express gratitude to the Unitemp company. This is very kind, friendly and responsive collective, which helped me and my husband to get to the country of our dreams –…
    Marharyta Yevhrafova

  • Yulia Samoilenko

    "Hello to everyone)) My name is Yulia. I was working as a kids animator in the best Turkish hotel Ela Quality Resort Hotel 5* this summer. Massive thanks to Unitemp…
    Yulia Samoilenko

  • Tetiania Bembel

    "Hello to everyone))) I was working as a kids animator in Turkish hotel Ela Quality Resort Hotel this summer. Unitemp company helped me with job placement. They are great –…
    Tetiania Bembel

  • Oleh Haievyi

    "I had a contract for consulting services for getting American visa B1/B2 with Unitemp company. Totally I have spend 500 dollars, including processing fee and tickets to Kiev and back.…
    Oleh Haievyi


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